We create

Unforgettable tailored experiences

Whether you desire a family ski holiday, golf getaway, kids camp, corporate team incentive trip, or a custom once-in- a-lifetime luxury alpine experience, our professional and dedicated team is here to help you plan your trip from start to finish, and handle every conceivable detail to ensure you have an unforgettable and relaxed time.

Who We Are

Travel enthusiasts and tour planners

We are a team of travel enthusiasts and tour planners showcasing the exciting places in Switzerland to individuals and families seeking to explore the Swiss region as well the popularly visited places to unwind in France and Italy.

Why Us ?

Perfectly Organized

Right from the start, we put every detail of your flawless getaway package into place: from welcoming you at the airport, transferring you to a luxurious hotel chalet, amazing cuisine to incredible sightseeing; we have everything planned out; No hitches.

Custom Travel

You can customise from the ground up, or feel free to start you with a Ready-To-Go package and make modifications to suit your taste and budget. We can help you identify your travel goals and design a package that suits you best.

Accommodation in the perfect location

It is not just about having the finest sheets, minted pillows, and the crispest towels, but accommodation that is near the sights of your destination. What is better than waking up to relish the surrounding beautiful scenery?

Tour Guide Experts

Our tour experts bring all destinations to life with vast knowledge of the road networks of cities and towns in Switzerland. They know the historical background of most places and where you can have the most amazing cuisine and shopping experience.

About Us

The team at Swiss Mountain Experience have local knowledges of the most interesting destinations within Switzerland and have planned out and dreamed exiting activities to catch your fancy. Many months of research and planning goes into each and every tour, but to really put the icing on the cake we can totally customise each holiday, to help our visitors experience a luxurious vacation just exactly the way they dream it.

Luxury Bespoke Swiss Travel


Switzerland is our main focus, and we are excited to share with you the abundance of adventure, history, culture and lifestyle that abounds in this diverse and unique country, but as Switzerland is not very large geographically and our shared borders with Germany, Italy, Austria and France are just a stones throw away, we can offer multi country experiences also.


The jewel in the crown of Switzerland and surrounding countries, is of course the Alps. Like nowhere else in the world, the Alps are breathtaking in both summer and winter, and offer many aspects to discover: history, culture, sights, adventure, relaxation, but most of all glorious FUN!


We love to design off the-beaten-track, unique and special experiences into your luxury holiday. Don’t go where everyone else goes! Discover instead hidden and captivating landscapes, and find out the where the locals go for events, best activities and location.


Serious about learning or improving your golf, but want a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which to do it? Then the Swiss Mountain Experience Summer Golf Packages in Switzerland are the right choice for you! Our golf packages offer carefully structured golf lessons with experienced and PGA certified instructors. Get out in the fresh mountain air and play like a champion!



Luxury Golf Holidays in Switzerland


Enjoy peace of mind and total relaxation as you simply switch off to all stress.

The sheer pleasure of skiing shouldn't be spoiled by all the hassles and hectic details and arrangements of your holiday stay. With our all-inclusive Winter packages, all you need to do is to identify the package that best suites your level and style, and select the time when your vacation begins and ends and leave the rest to us. Let us do the organizing and you can relax and enjoy your well deserved vacation.



Luxury Holiday packages in Switzerland


Summer and Winter Holidays

Swiss Mountain Experience selects only the top elite International Schools in Switzerland to provide the English or French Language Summer/Winter Camp learning experiences, which are all located in safe and picturesque alpine environments for the best camp experience for your child. Your child will have fun making new friends for life, and learn exciting new skills from international and friendly teachers.


The key to unlocking your child’s best future

Give your child the best start at a Swiss private school. We can customize a holiday to introduce you and your child to the best independent boarding schools in romandie region of Switzerland, which are regarded among the most exclusive and excellent in the world. Prepare your child well for their future, and let us help you find the perfect Swiss school!

Health & Wellness

Switzerland has arguably some of the worlds most comprehensive medical services in the field of disease examination and prevention. Focusing on “private health management”, Swiss Mountain Experience is committed to assisting you from start to end for your medical holiday with access to services such as private and meticulous health consultancy, medical treatment, aesthetic medical service, anti-aging and health care service.


Home to majestic plains and snow-capped mountains, monuments of historical background, small villages, delighting alpine lakes, picturesque railways, with diversified languages and culture, Switzerland is a must-see destination for the adventurous. Appreciate nature and feel inspired with impressive peaks and breathtaking mountain lakes and waterfalls as you explore the scenery of the popular cities in Switzerland. A plethora of sporting activities, gastronomy and wine tasting, luxury shopping, or visits to top elite private schools, health and wellness retreats and just about anything you can think of.


Every trip is a Voyage of Discovery

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